Bhutan at a Glance

Total Area 38,394 square kilometres
Geography Landlocked between China (Tibet) and India
Elevation Range 300 m (985ft) to 7000m (23,000ft)
Population 735,553 – Population Census 2017, NSB
Language Dzongkha
Religion Mahayana Buddhism
Capital Thimphu
Political System Democratic Constitutional Monarchy
Time 6 hours ahead of GMT
Currency Ngultrum
Terrain It can be divided into three major parts:

Geographic regions from North to South; the high Himalayas of North, the hills and valleys of the central and the foothills and plains of the South.

Forest coverage 72.5% of the land area
Cultivated area 7.8% of total land
Altitude 100 m above sea level in the south to over 7,500 m above sea level in the north
Longitude 88 45’ – 92 10’ East
Latitude 26 45’ – 28 15’ North
Life expectancy 66 yrs
Local time 6 hrs ahead of GMT and half an hour ahead of Indian Standard Time